Hi, I’m Leigh Watson Healy. Welcome to Chop Wood Carry Water.

For years, my work has focused on writing and editing industry research and trend reports. Now I’m devoting time for my passion of telling stories and sharing photography about the Deep South.

Do you enjoy great stories?

Eight years ago, I started Chop Wood Carry Water to tell stories of our experiences in unlocking the mysteries of abandoned farms and old buildings, restoring a pre-Civil War farmhouse, planting orchards and forests, and hearing other people’s stories of their adventures. I thought I would share photos and tales from my experiences, and most of all, create an outlet for self-expression.

I’ve found this is a way I can connect to others and share lessons I have learned from digging in dirt, carrying water, and doing soul-satisfying physical work in orchards and fields, as well as provide resources for people who want to find their voice too. As my travels have evolved, so has this site.

Join the conversation…

Chop Wood Carry Water remains, most of all, a place to tell stories. I hope you enjoy it – I’ll look to see you in the comments!

Leigh Watson Healy standing in front of Cornhouse Creek smokehouse